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Care Quality Commission and noteSpace™

CQC measures against the following standard in relation to patient records stored in care settings.

CQC Outcome 21: Records:

People’s personal records, including medical records, should be accurate and kept safe and confidential.

Here are a few considerations for Practices:

  • Are your records stored securely with controlled access?
  • Does your record storage pose a possible Health & Safety risk due to where they are stored e.g. in a difficult to access loft space or on overloaded shelving?
  • Are your records safe from fire and flood damage or stored in a damp location due to space limitations?
  • Are your records stored externally to the Practice in a 'non-approved' manner?
  • Are your records stored at a branch site due to space restrictions but creating a security issue when moved between sites (not to mention wasting valuable staff time in retrieving them)?

These are just some of the situations and scenarios we are helping General Practices with across the UK to address, with the use of noteSpace.

With over two million Lloyd George and A4 medical records being stored securely off-site and managed electronically on a daily basis with the noteSpace software, Niche Health is the leading supplier of off-site storage for UK General Practice.

With our purpose designed national noteSpace service, practices are absolutely assured that their records storage security standards meet CQC requirements.